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Featured in the July 2012 edition of Man Caves magazine!

“Relive a slice of simpler days when you could walk up to a cooler, lift the lid, and grab an ice-cold soda. Just don’t forget to pay before you head out the door! Here’s how one of those classic coolers was restored.”

Check out the full article in the July 2012 edition of Man Caves magazine, available at most home centers (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards, etc.) or order a copy online at
3-Dimensional Yard Sign

“We finally got the sign you worked on up. Attached are some pics. You will have to drive by sometime to see it. It looks great. Thanks for your work on our project."
The Miller Family      
Old meets New with this updated 1937 RCA AM Radio.  Radio updated with cd player, remote control, and mp3 compatability.  
1937 RCA AM Radio
1942 Martin and Schwartz gas pump
 Hi Shawn,
 My sons garage in blue grass , iowa. He was blown away by the pump!


Park Bench
 From Grinnell city park.  
The bench was decomissioned many years ago and then brought back to life again. 
Sandblasted all the metal parts and powdercoated frame and bolts.  
Replaced all the wood with cedar and clearcoated for added protection from mother nature.
Gasboy pump from an old farmstead in Michigan.
It was a dairy farm and it  supplied the fuel for lots of equipment for many years.

The pump was in pretty bad shape when we got it but get a look at the finished pump 

 The custom decal was designed based on the farm.
 Bronze Horse Statue.  
This horse is made from casted bronze and had multiple areas that needed some repair.  The front leg was broken and only held on by a small part of bronze and the main body had several splits from stress.  All these areas had to be brazed with bronze, no body fillers were used.  The leg had to be reconstructed from bronze in many different stages.  
See Below for Finished Product!
Horse statue finished.
Was even more beautiful than the pictures show!
1950's Wagon restored for a lady in Mt Pleasant,Iowa and shipped all the way to North Carolina for her son just in time for Christmas.
1940's H-C Sinclair gas pump.
1940's Martin and Swartz model 70 restored in the Polly Gas theme.
Early 1900's Hall's Safe refinished for a customer from Monroe, IA
1920's Roper Cook Stove
Restored and in working condition
Vintage baby stroller restored, the lady actually rode in it as a little toddler.  How awesome is that?
Before pic of baby stroller